Sonic Measure DM S50L
When you need to measure for carpet, paint, or more, it's never been quicker or easier than with our Zircon Sonic Measure DM S50L distance measure. This compact measuring device uses ultrasonic frequencies and a targeting laser for more accurate measurements.

DM S50L measures interior room dimensions up to 50 feet (15 m) and includes Zircon’s exclusive laser targeting to ensure accuracy. Measure for carpet, paint, and more, now quicker and easier than ever before.

Point the laser to the far wall, click the READ button, and the distance appears on the easy-to-read LCD screen in feet and inches or metric units.

DM S50L automatically measures length and calculates area, volume, and double segments.

Easy-to-follow, on-screen graphics prompt users through functions for length, area, and volume measurements.

Laser targeting pattern shows the area of the cone-shaped sonic beam for more accurate measurement positioning.

  • Fast, automatic measurements
  • Laser targeting for increased accuracy
  • Error indication instead of false readings when target is not capable of giving an accurate measurement
  • Stores numbers of measurements taken to calculate square footage and volume
  • Conserves battery power, automatic shutoff after 30 seconds
  • Switch from feet/inches to metric units with the push of a button
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