Leak Alert™ + LED!
No home should be without a Zircon Leak Alert™ electronic water detector. Place it near sinks, water heaters, sump pumps, and washing machines and find out about leaks before they can cause major water damage.

Electronic Water Detector Prevent serious water damage in your home with the help of Leak Alert™+ LED! water detector. This self-contained battery-powered unit will sound a loud alarm, and flash red LED lights, the second it gets wet, alerting you to a potential water leak. Place it anywhere the potential for flooding or leaking exists:
– Under sinks
– Near water heaters
– In basements
– Near dishwashers and refrigerators
– Under fish tanks
– Near plumbing and toilets

  • Loud alarm (90 dB) sounds for up to 72 hours
  • Visual and audio alert
  • In the event of a flood, unit will flat and continue to sound alarm until battery is depleted
  • Fully automatic operation— no wiring required
  • Low battery indicator for optimum safety and performance

Leak Alert™ + LED! - coming soon