Leak Alert™ Electronic Water Detector

Prevent serious water damage with the help of Leak Alert water detector. This self-contained battery-powered unit will sound a loud alarm the second it gets wet, alerting you to a potential water leak.

Place it anywhere the potential for flooding or leaking exists:
- Under sinks
- Near water heaters
- In basements
- Near dishwashers and refrigerators
- Under fish tanks
- Near plumbing and toilets

  • Loud alarm (85 dB) sounds with direct water contact
  • Floats and signals for up to 72 hours
  • Fully automatic operation — no wiring required
  • Low battery indicator for optimum safety and performance

How does it work?

The Leak Alert has two external metal strips with mild electrical current running through them. If both strips get wet, through a plumbing leak, flood, or surrounding moisture condensing on the surface, the electrical circuit will complete and the alarm will sound.

leak works

Make sure the Leak Alert is placed on its back with the metal contacts touching the surface. You can test the unit by touching both strips with one finger, but be prepared for the loud alarm!