StudSensor™ L20

The StudSensor™ L20 stud finder features a patented pinch grip design molded specifically to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The L20 displays an easy-to-understand user interface and SpotLite® Pointer which shines a bright arrow-shaped beam on the wall to clearly identify the edge of the target. Use to find the edges of studs to securely hang pictures and mirrors to the wall.

  • Stud Scan mode locates the edges of wood or metal studs up to ¾ in. (19 mm) deep
  • READY light indicates when calibration has completed successfully
  • EDGE arrow indicates when the tool is over a stud edge
  • Zircon's patented "over-the-stud" indication alerts you to start the scan in a new location if scanning begins over a stud
  • SpotLite® Pointer shines an arrow-shaped light on the wall to clearly indicate the edge of the stud
  • “V” marker groove for more accurate marking of stud location
StudSensor L20

L20 Video

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