Center Finding Wall Scanners and Stud Finders
Zircon's StudSensor™ and MultiScanner® center finding stud finders and multifunction wall scanners with patented CenterVision® technology enable you to not only find the edges, but center, of studs in just one pass. Learn more about our advanced stud finders and how selecting the right tool could save you time and money.

MultiScanner® x85 OneStep®

This first-of-its-kind multifunction scanner thermally detects actively powered hydronic radiant heating to scan for Pex Tubing. It also toggles to AC and Stud Scan modes to scan for live AC wiring and find the center and edges of wood and metal studs.

  MultiScanner® i520 OneStep®

This all-in-one wall scanner features two stud scan modes, metal scan, and a dedicated AC scan mode. ACT™ Auto Correcting Technology recalibrates automatically and the ultra-bright backlit LCD screen makes for easy viewing in dark environments.

MultiScanner® i320 OneStep®

This 3-in-1 tool scans for studs, deep studs, and metal. WireWarning® detection indicates the presence of live electrical wiring in all modes while the ACT™ Auto Correcting Technology corrects common calibration errors automatically.

  StudSensor™ i65 OneStep®

This deep-scanning stud finder scans for studs while the WireWarning® detection feature simultaneously alerting you of live electrical wiring. The easy-to-read LCD screen clearly indicates direction, edge, and center of stud.

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