LaserVision® X
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Extend a level line to 150 feet.

LaserVision® X lets you know when it has been bumped out of level, even if you're 150 feet (46 m) away. The LCD display and the laser beam both flash if the level is out of level.

On-screen graphics show you exactly which way to adjust the level to achieve precise level or plumb. When reaching level, LaserVision® X displays a flat-line readout and sounds a tone.

Easy field recalibration returns level electronics to factory specifications at the push of a button. Separate horizontal and vertical laser adjustments ensure correct laser alignment.

Dimensions: 10.25 in. H x 2.00 in. W x 1.11 in. D
(260 mm x 51 mm x 28 mm)
Weight: 10.7 oz. (303 g) with battery
Battery Type: 3 AAA ( included)
Position Accuracy: Center bar in laser mode: typically +/- 1/8 in. per 50 ft. (3 mm at 15 m) after calibration

Center bar in level-only mode: typically +/- 2.8 arc minutes after calibration
Range (on mount): Horizontal angle: 360°
Vertical angle: +/- 4.5°
Laser: Type: diode
Wavelength: 650 nm
Power: <1 mW Class II
Spot size: <3/8 in. at 50 ft. (<10 mm at 15 m)
Operating Temperature: 20° to 110°F (-7° to 43°C)
Storage Temperature: -20° to 150°F (-29° to 66°C)
Humidity: 80% RH (non-condensing)
Water Resistance: Splash and water resistant, not waterproof