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iLine® gives you level or plumb laser "chalk lines" left, right, up or down with just a quarter-twist of the tool.

Using it is as simple as child's play. Just place it against the wall and point it in the direction where a line is needed.

iLine's internal auto-leveling mechanism does the rest, ensuring the projected line is precisely plumb or level each and every time.

Dimensions: 4.25 in. diameter x 1.5 in. high (108 mm x 38 mm)
Weight: 11.5 oz. (326 g) without battery
Battery Type: 2 AAA (not included)
Accuracy: Typically +/- 1/2 in. per 30 ft.
Range: Visibility up to 30 feet
Laser: Type: diode
Wavelength: 650 nm
Power: 5 mW Class IIIA
Operating Temperature: 20° to 110°F (-7° to 43°C)
Storage Temperature: -20° to 150°F (-29° to 66°C)
Humidity: 80% RH (non-condensing)
Water Resistance: Splash and water resistant