Zircon Press Release

Press Releases 2016

07/15/2016: Zircon to Showcase New ExitPoint™ XL300 Through-Hole Drill Guide at Plant Maintenance Show

02/25/2016: Zircon Debuts New MetalliScanner® MT 7 Metal Detector See This Break-Through Tool at EISENWARENMESSE

02/24/2016: Zircon to Display New ExitPoint™ XL300 Through-Hole Drill Guide at EISENWARENMESSE


Press Releases 2015

10/01/2015: Zircon Debuts New ExitPoint™ XL300 Through-Hole Drill Guide


Press Releases 2014

08/21/2014: Professionals Seek Zircon Tools at the Expo Nacional Ferretera

08/05/2014: Zircon to Host Live Twitter Chat

03/05/2014: Zircon to Introduce New Technology at EISENWARENMESSE


Press Releases 2013

03/07/2013: Zircon to Introduce Radiant Heating Multifunction Scanner


Press Releases 2010

01/20/10: The Handyman Club of America and Handy Magazine give the StudSensor EDGE their coveted Seal of Approval.


Press Releases 2009

01/21/09: Zircon StudSensor EDGE Gives users an "edge" on Home Improvement Projects

01/07/09: Independent Lab Conducts Performance and Safety Tests of Zircon® and Stanley® Stud Finders

01/07/09: Zircon Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against The Stanley Works


Press Releases 2007

04/17/07: MetalliScanner® m40 Metal Detector Locates Studs in Lath and Plaster.


Press Releases 2006

04/25/06: MultiScanner® i520 Finds Wood, Metal, and Traces Hot AC

04/25/06: StudSensor i20 at Less Than $20!

01/09/06: Zircon Announces New CEO


Press Releases 2005

09/01/05: Get It Straight with LaserBall 360

09/01/05: Zircon Brings CenterVision® to StudSensor

07/05/05: New Branding Makes Choosing Tools Simple


Press Releases 2004

09/22/04: New CenterVision® Technology Changes Stud Finding Forever


Press Releases 2003

07/14/03: CF 12 Pro Circuit Finder Kit

07/14/03: StudSensor Pro SL-AC with WireWarning® detection


Zircon to the Rescue

A StudSensor 4 locates a lost pet behind a wall.